You need 3 points in order for AMS to help pay for spring trip. Points are earned through helping out at Fundraisers and Outreach events during the year.


NameTotal Points Hotdog FundraisorRalph Clean-upMEA Open HouseGeoscience Day Aerospace DayGirl Scout Day  
Erin Doyle0
Nick Gapp0
Kaela Lucke6.
Tyler Middleton0
Bailey Mueller2.51.01.5
Brett Muscha11.0
Dylan Myrvik0
Toshio Osuga4.
Alexa Otto31.01.01.0
Kyle Pederson2.51.01.5
Tessa Philpott3.
Harrison Radermacher51.
Arianna Riley0
Jonathan Rosencrans5.
Andrew Rossi0
Evan Rys11.0
Denver Safgren0
Summer Schnellbach21.01.0
BreAnna Shore11.0
Blake Sorensen31.01.01.0
Courtney Stelmann0
Brook Thompson0
Zach Von Arb11.0
Tony Weiss3.
Lance Wilson5.
Jacob Zanker11.0